The Stampede Trail is prime habitat for moose, caribou, bears, fox, snowshoe hares, many different birds, and much more. Since the animals are wild, we can never guarantee how many animals or which specific animals you will see. Our guides a are always on the lookout and ask for guest participation in spotting creatures along the way.

According to the Rangers of Denali National Park:

The small outnumber the large. Denali isn't the Serengeti or the Amazon, it's a subarctic environment with mostly small, slow-growing vegetation. That means it takes a lot of acres to feed one good-sized vegetarian, or to provide enough plant-eating animals for one large meat-eater. That's why you won't see a ram, an eagle, a moose, or a wolf around every bend in the road. You do have a good chance of seeing a few big animals. And if you venture off the road, you have a great chance of seeing some of the park's small plant-eaters and the subarctic plants that sustain them.